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Friday, August 31, 2012

Nationals, Here We Come!!!

So, obviously if you read my mom's blog, or my sisters blog, you know whats been going on. We got the opportunity to go to National Fine Arts Festival. I explained here what fine arts is. I also told you that two of my nine entries made it to Nationals. Me being as busy as I am, this is obviously a little late. Let's finish in August shall we? I got to nationals for my short sermon, and I illustrated a book that my sister wrote. That also made it to Nationals. Nationals was in Louisville, Kentucky this year. We had a week long trip, and it was really fun. Mrs. Autumn had the chance to come down, and help my mom out a little.

Day 1
Sunday August 5, 2012
We traveled. A LOT. Obviously,it was a twelve hour drive. It was fun though. 

Day 2
Monday August 6, 2012
We went to the convention center, and figured out where we would be, we also walked around town and enjoyed the sites. We tried to find some of the horse statues in Louisville. Plus, we took a dip in the pool to cool off. 

Day 3
Tuesday August 7,2012
We had no reason that we had to be at the convention center, so we took a little break. We went to a historical site. It was Abraham Lincoln's boyhood home. We got to go paddle boating. We were exhausted, but not to tired to swim again.

Day 4
Wednesday August 8, 2012
This day we had to present. Angelica's was in the morning, and I preached in the afternoon. We looked around the convention center, and saw some of the art. I really liked some of the entries. And of course, when we got back to the hotel, we cooled off in the pool. 

Day 5
Thursday August 9, 2012 
We didn't have to be at the convention center, so we went to the Squire Boone caverns. This included some state hoping because the caverns were in Indiana. My sister and I had never been in a cave before. It was really cool. When we got back, we swam a little, to cool off. 

Day 6
Friday August 10, 2012
We went to the convention center to pick up score sheets, and to participate in some classes. We also walked around Louisville to find some more horses. 

Day 7
Saturday august 11, 2012
Finally, we were headed home. I had a great time in Louisville, but it was great to get home. Next year Nationals is in Orlando, Florida. I am looking forward to it, and hoping we get to go. 

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