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I am 19 years old now. It seems like time is going fast, and I am not always sure how to handle it! I started college August 2014. I am studying psychology at North Central University, meeting new people, and drawing closer to God with each step I take. Life is not a destination, it is a long journey. I am excited to see what God has in store for my life, and I hope you will join me as I find out!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Epic Fail

OK, maybe not EPIC. But, it was pretty big. Recently, mom bought a cooking stone at goodwill. A great find, considering it was only $10. AND, it was still in the box. Which means, we had instructions, and we now have three. Totally excited, because I love cooking with these things. Technically, this one is a pizza stone, but it can be used for all sorts of things. Pizza, bread, and cookies!! Now, every time we get a cooking stone, we have to make something greasy, so that the stone can be cured. Mom suggested bacon, but the last time we did bacon on one without sides, we had grease in the bottom of the oven. NOT GOOD!! I suggested a large cookie, you know, one of those huge circular cookies. I proceeded to make said cookie. 

Now, the only problem is that I made it as large as the pan. And said cookie decided to expand, therefore I was greeted with a burning smell. I then realized that the cookie was now in the bottom of the oven. 

I was a bit over whelmed, so I called mom in for help. She proceeded to laugh at me. I guess it is a little funny. 

Friday, August 31, 2012

Nationals, Here We Come!!!

So, obviously if you read my mom's blog, or my sisters blog, you know whats been going on. We got the opportunity to go to National Fine Arts Festival. I explained here what fine arts is. I also told you that two of my nine entries made it to Nationals. Me being as busy as I am, this is obviously a little late. Let's finish in August shall we? I got to nationals for my short sermon, and I illustrated a book that my sister wrote. That also made it to Nationals. Nationals was in Louisville, Kentucky this year. We had a week long trip, and it was really fun. Mrs. Autumn had the chance to come down, and help my mom out a little.

Day 1
Sunday August 5, 2012
We traveled. A LOT. Obviously,it was a twelve hour drive. It was fun though. 

Day 2
Monday August 6, 2012
We went to the convention center, and figured out where we would be, we also walked around town and enjoyed the sites. We tried to find some of the horse statues in Louisville. Plus, we took a dip in the pool to cool off. 

Day 3
Tuesday August 7,2012
We had no reason that we had to be at the convention center, so we took a little break. We went to a historical site. It was Abraham Lincoln's boyhood home. We got to go paddle boating. We were exhausted, but not to tired to swim again.

Day 4
Wednesday August 8, 2012
This day we had to present. Angelica's was in the morning, and I preached in the afternoon. We looked around the convention center, and saw some of the art. I really liked some of the entries. And of course, when we got back to the hotel, we cooled off in the pool. 

Day 5
Thursday August 9, 2012 
We didn't have to be at the convention center, so we went to the Squire Boone caverns. This included some state hoping because the caverns were in Indiana. My sister and I had never been in a cave before. It was really cool. When we got back, we swam a little, to cool off. 

Day 6
Friday August 10, 2012
We went to the convention center to pick up score sheets, and to participate in some classes. We also walked around Louisville to find some more horses. 

Day 7
Saturday august 11, 2012
Finally, we were headed home. I had a great time in Louisville, but it was great to get home. Next year Nationals is in Orlando, Florida. I am looking forward to it, and hoping we get to go. 

Sunday, July 8, 2012


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Saturday, July 7, 2012

New Post

I backdated a post here, just in case you wanted to know.

Life #1

OK, so on my to do list is to wear a shirt that says life and hand out lemons. I did this on the Fourth of July. My sister and I were having a lemonade stand to raise money for National Fine Arts Festival. I will backdate a couple of posts later about fine arts. I made the t-shirts that said life and had a verse. The design was my mom's idea, but we all kind of worked together on it. I was pleased with how well the t-shirts worked out. Here is my picture proof.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


    Empty- I have felt sadness for so long that it is my norm right now. When I don't know what to feel, I am usually sad, or numb. Numb is the worst. Those days that I know I should be feeling something, but I can't feel anything. I am not happy or sad, angry or scared. I simply exist. I am present, and most people don't even know that there is anything wrong, because I have learned to act. I know what to say when, and I know how to fake my emotions. I've actually gotten pretty good at it.

    Fear- There is a lot going on in our world, and I can only mention part of it. My sister is sick, and this is scary. I cannot fix this one, and I don't know how to respond. Sometimes I am angry, but I know that it all stems from my fear. Fear that she will suffer. Fear of being without her, my rock, my best friend.       Fear that comes of knowing that I have no control over what happens to her. Fear that comes of not knowing.

    Peace- I know that God is my fortress through all of this. Even when I don't feel like I can handle it. He wraps me in his arms and envelops me with his unending love. I know that he is there, and i know that I can turn to him. He will do what is best, even if it doesn't seem best to me. He knows what I can handle.

    Resolve- I will use whatever time we have. I will enjoy her presence, no matter what happens. I will spend time with her, and tell her that I love her. I will have no regrets.

Saturday, June 2, 2012


Sometimes, the most simple moment is also the most profound.

Maybe its looking up and seeing two miracles walking across the grass.

It can bring a love and sadness and joy so strong it will bring you to your knees. In public. Surrounded by so many others. Others that see your face and know so many of your thoughts. And will get down on their knees with you and bless God, or fate or whatever power they believe in.

A look to the left. A quick glance. A child that survived cancer. A child that was left in the darkness of the night, just before dawn.

They shouldn't be here.

We should be broken by loss. Or aching with empty arms for a child that never was.


Their arms are here. Wrapped around us.

Their hearts are ours - for loving and safe keeping.

Their laughter and tears are a part of our days and nights.

What they add to our lives is not measurable.

And mostly, we forget, in the everyday sameness of life, just what an astounding blessing this day brings.

Until we look up. And catch a glimpse out of the corner of our eyes.

Of two miracles. Walking through the grass.

You know, this was written by a friend several years ago. The commentary was great, and now it is exactly what I feel. 

I took the picture, August 1st, 2008, the day before my brain injury. The injury that has now been completely healed by God, even when the doctors said I would never get better. 

I am thankful that my sister is alive and with us. God protects and heals.  I have seen that in my life. I can only pray that she will get better. 

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cool quotes

I actually did this at our Easter egg hunt the other day, it was awesome!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fine Arts Begins

OK, so we have been preparing for our local fine arts festival since about January. I entered nine things this year. NINE!!! That' s a lot, but considering their goal is to help teens discover,
develop, and deploy their gifts, I think that's OK. Anybody curious what I entered? Here goes...

Visual Art 3-D. 
I made the heart out of paper mache. The chain represent how we are with sin, we must be set free, and God is the only one that can do that.

Visual Art 2-D. 
Yes, the girl is actually cutting. I wanted to show that no matter how bad you are hurting, God can heal you, He can help you get through it. 

T-Shirt Design. 
I love this. I also love that I can now wear a T-shirt that I designed.

I illustrated a Children's book that my sister wrote. 
Yes, the illustrations are actually done in construction paper shapes! It was hard, but in the end I liked the end result. 

Digital Photography. 
This picture was taken after a long day of doctors appointments. Angelica had just had an echo, because we were just figuring out that something was wrong with her, and they thought it was the heart. We came home to a beautiful sunset, and I climbed the tree. We were all worshiping God, in awe of His wonder and knowing that whatever happens, God will take care of us.  

This was my short sermon. 
The theme this year was relentless.

Our troupe dance. 
We danced to "Orphan" by Rachel Scott

My solo dance. 
I danced to "Beautiful, beautiful," by Francesca Battistelli. I love the dress!

And, last but not least, my human video.
Viewer discretion is advised. Parents may want to watch this before letting their children see it. For those of you who don't know, a human video is effectively a drama to lyrics. You must mouth the majority of the words, and you can make no sound.  

So, it being after the festival, I can tell you that two of the things got to Nationals.  I will post later about what made it.  For now, you can enjoy pictures and video's of my performances. 

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